TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Booking Conditions - Reservations made are subject to accommodation availability and payment confirmation.  To confirm the reservation, the guest must pay the total amount by the agreed payment method on our site before the check-in. Any extras will be charged, in cash, credit card or debit card, upon check-in, such as the pet tax or late check in. All prices include VAT at the legal rate in force. - Pre-check-in - Upon completion of the reservation, the holder of the reservation will receive an email and/or an SMS from Quinta da Bicuda confirming the reservation and with important explanations about the accommodation and information about additional services (such as late check-in and respective fees). Under the terms of paragraph a) of paragraph 1 of article 45 of the Convention for the Application of the Schengen Agreement, accommodation of foreign citizens must be communicated to the SEF, by which we mean all those who do not have Portuguese nationality. For the previous number, all guests with foreign nationality must provide all information regarding their identification, up to the maximum period of the check-in date, through the Accommodation Bulletin. - Cancellation Conditions - Upon confirmation of booking, the following fees will apply in case of cancellation: The customer can cancel free of charge up to 7 days before arrival. The customer must pay the full amount of the reservation if canceling within 7 days prior to the arrival date. In case of no-show. Specific payment and cancellation conditions may apply to travel agencies, tour operators and other entities. The guest already installed can interrupt their stay without the right to reimbursement. - Conditions of stay - The holder of the reservation must be at least 18 years old and must remain in the accommodation reserved for the entire stay. Guests under 18 years old can only be accommodated if accompanied by an adult who is the holder of the reservation. The reservation holder must provide a telephone number and an email address. Pets are allowed at Quinta da Bicuda, and it is necessary to inform Quinta da Bicuda in advance, to check availability, with a fee of €7.50/day/animal being applicable. Smoking is not allowed inside the accommodation. Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by an adult Guest at all times during their stay at the accommodation. Temporary visits to our guests are only allowed with prior consent from Quinta da Bicuda. Guests must notify Quinta da Bicuda of any damage to the accommodation, contents, equipment or accessories that occur during their stay, even if the guest considers that the damage is regular wear and tear and is not their fault. If the guest does not notify Quinta da Bicuda of such damages, he may be liable for them. - Additional services - Quinta da Bicuda offers, through partners, several additional services to guests, such as horseback riding, dance classes, yoga and surfing. Bicycles and cribs for children up to 3 years old are available free of charge, upon request and subject to confirmation of availability. Quinta da Bicuda is not responsible for any services provided by external providers. - Check-in and Check-out - If it is not possible to check in early, we can store luggage at reception, upon request and availability. Upon check-in, identification documents of the person responsible for the reservation, as well as of all foreign guests, will be requested to confirm the information provided. Unless otherwise agreed, the occupation of the accommodation on the check-in date will be between 4 pm and 7 pm. In case of late check-in – after 7 pm -, an express check-in service may be available, and the guest must confirm this possibility in advance with Quinta da Bicuda. The express check-in service will be possible until 00:00, with a service fee of €20 being applied. Check-out takes place until 11:00 am and all guests must leave the accommodation by the scheduled time. If the reception is closed at the time of checkout, the guest can leave the keys at the door or the main table, inside the accommodation and close the door. If the guest refuses to leave, Quinta da Bicuda reserves the right to enter the accommodation, remove their belongings or take other measures that may be necessary. Any change to departure and arrival dates and times must be confirmed by Quinta da Bicuda. Upon check-in, Quinta da Bicuda provides only ONE set of keys, guests must be careful not to lose it or leave it inside the apartment.The amount will be established by Management and must be settled before check-out. Quinta da Bicuda is not responsible for any item left inside the apartment after the guest leaves. Any belongings found in the apartment can be returned on request. The guest is fully responsible for all expenses related to the process of returning their belongings. - Cleaning, sheets and towels - Accommodation includes bed linen and a set of towels, there is no daily cleaning. Cleaning is carried out every 3 days. Guests should keep the accommodation as organized and clean as possible, and should not leave rubbish by the door, as there are bins for this purpose at the entrance of Quinta da Bicuda. - Equipment, furniture and accommodation items - If an appliance does not work, or if guests are unsure how to use any equipment in the accommodation, they should contact reception. Changes to the accommodation or its content are not permitted. - Maintenance and special orders - Any problems inside the accommodation (for example, electrical problems, equipment malfunctions, or water leaks) must be immediately reported to Quinta da Bicuda. While respecting the privacy of guests, Quinta da Bicuda reserves the right to access the accommodation at any time, if necessary, for inspections, repairs and emergencies. - Noise, Illegal activities, Security - Under the terms of the law, the period of rest at night is between 22:00 and 08:00, so guests must remain silent. Guests should not disturb neighbours, namely when opening or closing the accommodation door. Bookings for illegal or immoral activities are not accepted. For group bookings, the guest whose name appears on the booking confirmation email will be responsible for the behaviour of the entire group and agrees to avoid any illegal activity. - Responsibility - Quinta da Bicuda assumes no responsibility in the event of theft, loss or deterioration of valuables such as money, jewellery or other objects of considerable value if such events take place in the accommodation room or inside vehicles parked in the car park. Quinta da Bicuda's service is legally limited to its accommodations and the relationship with guests during their stay, not being responsible for any occurrences outside the accommodation limits, exterior noise, construction or any other matter not directly related to the accommodation itself. . The photos and descriptions of the accommodations are produced by Quinta da Bicuda. Small changes to the accommodation may occur concerning the photos on the website, without compromising its general condition or amenities. If guests do not comply with these terms and conditions, or in case of bad behaviour on the part of guests, Quinta da Bicuda reserves the right to require them to leave the accommodation without any compensation or refund of fees paid. - Legislation and Fortuitous Events - The present agreement is concluded between the guests and the company Quinta da Bicuda, which is duly authorized to rent the accommodation. This agreement grants guests authorization to occupy the accommodation during the agreed period and terms. - Amendments and Applicable Jurisdiction - Quinta da Bicuda reserves the right to update its terms and conditions at any time, as necessary. It is the responsibility of the parties using the Quinta da Bicuda service to review these terms and conditions in case of a change before making a reservation. By agreeing to use the Quinta da Bicuda service, it is understood that the guest accepts any changes and that all parties will comply with these changes. These terms and conditions do not affect guests' rights. These terms and conditions are subject to Portuguese law. The Portuguese Courts have exclusive jurisdiction in case of legal action relating to any accommodation reservation with Quinta da Bicuda.